August 2012: MIO Workbench 2.0.1

  • Fixed several minor issues.

May 2012: MIO Workbench 2.0.0

  • Textual syntax & editor (Xtext), File Extension: .miotxt
  • Support for modal contracts, visual contract editor
  • Quick visualisation of MIOs (based on the GraphViz program dot)

August 2011: MIO Workbench 1.4.1

  • Fixed several minor issues.

May 2011: MIO Workbench 1.4.0

  • Improved the MIO editor which is now GMF-based.
  • Added conjunction and quotient operators for MIOs with strong modal refinement.
  • Added a command-line shell for a powerful interface to execute complex verification tasks.
  • Improved the verification view.
  • The file format of .mio files has been changed: A .mio file now contains additional information on the layout/appearance of the diagram. Previous .mio files (1.3.0 and before) cannot be opened anymore.

July 2010: MIO Workbench 1.3.0

  • Fixed several minor UI bugs.
  • Fixed composition operator.

June 2010: MIO Workbench 1.2.0

  • Added strict-observational refinement and compatibility.

Dec 2009: MIO Workbench 1.1.0

  • Fixed several issues with the UI.
  • Added composition operator.

Oct 2009: MIO Workbench 1.0.0

  • The very first official version of the tool.

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